Juliette Romero Amigo is an illustrator, curator, and lecturer from Brussels, currently living in Tokyo. Graduated from ERG’s Narrative Speculative master’s program in 2014, was published by Super-Structure, and is currently preparing a publication project for Mimésis Editions and seminars around comics in Japan.

Responsible bookseller (2014-2019), in charge of events and of the illustration and comics sections at the Candide bookstore in Brussels.
Curator of Nazcas festival in May 2019 with Victoria Pacheco in Brasseries Atlas, Brussels.
Lecturer in the Master Narratives and Experimentation – Speculative Narrative (2015-2019) at ERG.
Co-curator of Salon Mirage festival (September 2017, May 2018), member of the Poxcat collective, and organizer of independent concerts in Brussels.